Ch 36: There Is Only One Reality

“my reality” – Gwendalyn Elizabeth Wisniewski, my daughter

It seems that the line between reality and perception is a blurry one and, despite modern science showing that there is one and only one tangible reality, there is a growing belief in perception being a measure of reality despite its frequent failures.

People want to believe that what they see or hear exists just as they perceive it. They know about illusionists, and understand why they’re no longer called magicians, yet they still claim personal realities, as if the Universe changes itself to suit the individual. Fantasy abounds in our culture and seems to be getting stronger as we are able to create more and more realistic-seeming fantastic places. Our video games, our movies, our churches, and our politicians all call on us to ignore what exists and believe in the unseen and un-experienced fantasies of others.

©David N. Dodson, April, 2016, Phoenix, AZ

==>Ch 37: Divide and Conquer

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