The Other Dance

by Dave Dodson, 1996

This brain of mine has lost so much
In mastering some complex thing;
What mating song have I to sing
To court your smile,to woo your touch?

Is this request so much to ask?
A dance, an ancient whoop-de-doo
Of Dip and spin, of bill and coo
My instinct fails this simple task.

My heat is there, your nearness pulls
But fear calls back my heart.
I cannot stand to stay apart
Yet fail to find the rituals.

No sign, no totem, no sacred quest,
No dowry, no barter, no grand vezir.
We have no yenta, no ancient seer
To help unite, to make us blessed.

I said the words without the song.
And now I feel the song within
I cannot move. I cannot sing.
I did the other dance too long.

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