Be a Buddha….

I met His Holiness when he visited California State University at Fullerton where I was a graduate student. I was amazed at his ability to be nonreactive to the indignities and insults of Chinese imperialism. It seems that the subtleties of kindness and consideration, like the inclusive, nonviolent, caring ideas of Jesus of Nazareth should sooner or later be overwhelmed by the forces of violence, intolerance, and brutal force. Oh, how I long for a more empathetic world.

Silent Songs of Sonsnow

A grandma went straight to a Buddha’s statue, light a butter lamp, and brought light to the Buddha’s smiling face.
A gentleman passing by the street put his little saved pennies in a beggar’s bowl and brought a smile on a beggar’s face.
Moral: Don’t beg Buddha to do all the things, be a Buddha wherever you can be.

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  1. Sharing is caring, as we do to all the sentient beings.

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