The Real Picture

I’ve been trying to ignore the Circus in our nation’s capitol city — and failing. One thing that never seems to be an issue is who came up with the original idea that the election was “stolen.” As far as I can determine, the idea came out of the mind of then-President Donald Trump and had zero facts to back it up. This possibility doesn’t occur to his ardent supporters who believed the “birther” controversy he cooked up on his predecessor, the “Lock Her Up” chant orchestrated at the Republican National Convention that succeeded in smearing his opponent for the office and the Zelensky controversy he cooked up on his successor which his supporters have morphed into “Beijing Biden,” a slur heard countless times a day by those who believe an alternate source of “news” with an alternate reality.

The “slinging mud” that ardent Republicans thought Democrats were doing when they chanted “Drain the Swamp” seems to have also originated in the mind of their hero and mentor, “The Donald,” famous for his name on fancy hotels for the obscenely wealthy and the weekly tag-line, “you’re fired.”

It’s not that I’ve been duped. I’ve been listening to both sides of this for some time. And it’s not that I believe everything Democrats say. I looked at the unredacted transcript of the Zelensky (spelled “Zelenskyy” in the transcript) phone call issued by “The Donald” himself. The con in that phone call was obvious (if implied) to anyone paying attention. The disrespect for our previous leaders and America’s ongoing foreign policy and her intelligence services was there. The disrespect for truth or honesty was clearly and unequivocally there as well.

The Zelensky (or Zelenskyy–as it was spelled in the transcript) phone call showed me absolute proof that our President is a liar and a con man. I didn’t have to listen to CNN or other network news to deduce this. I didn’t have to know about his sleazy business practices where he siphoned off funds to bankrupt companies to enhance his egocentric projects at the expense of average workmen and small building contractors. I didn’t have to read about his many business and political associates convicted of various felonies. And it didn’t take my genius brain to conclude that the swamp in Washington DC is far muddier and more corrupt than it was four years ago. It is clear to me that, whatever political views people had, the Republican Party electors received 3.000,000 less votes than Hillary Clinton’s electors and that nobody even tried to convict the former Secretary of State and First Lady of felonious behavior in using a private e-mail server. It is also fact that the Republican party electors received 7,000,000 less votes than the electors that voted in our current President. So if we want to pretend to be a democracy, why is it that the “system” we use is so biased? And, when all the judges of “election fraud” dismissed the accusations, what is likely? That our entire electoral system is corrupt? (It’s clearly biased in favor of the Republican Party.) Or that The Donald is not a reliable source of information?

And what of our former Vice President? When he failed to go along with this charade, what made him part of the “other side”? Where does credulity stop and conscious thought start to take hold?

This isn’t the first (or the last) time the Electorate has been taken in by a con. Ronald Reagan had to have known about the Iran/Contra felony that sent Colonel Oliver North to prison for illegally aiding Nicaraguan reactionary forces against a democratically-elected socialist government as well as secretly and illegally selling arms to the Islamic Republic of Iran. His “trickle down economics” trickled out to Third World factories and buying stock, not to middle-class Americans. And his deregulation led to several severe economic disasters and again made corporations richer and more powerful at the expense of the “Average Americans” Reagan pretended to represent.

And the United States was lied to when Iraq invaded Kuwait, even then a secret colony of the United States stealing underground oil from Iraq and selling it to US oil companies at below-market prices. President Bush 41, an oil executive himself, lied to us Americans so that he could deploy a half million of our troops to Saudi Arabia and “defend” the British/American colony of Kuwait against the country we stole this principality from right after World War I. Our President and his Secretary of State LIED (through their ambassador to Iraq) to Saddam Hussein and the World so that they could create this “crisis” and 99 of 100 US Senators backed him up along with a whopping 73% of the rest of us. All of this is fact.

Bush’s son, Bush 43, also told a whopper.

The United States has WMDs not only all over the U.S., but all over the other countries of the world and in all of the oceans of the world. Most certainly, a number are on nuclear stealth submarines off the coasts of our “enemies.” If any government is not to be trusted with Weapons of Mass Destruction, it is the United States. If any country is guilty of terrorizing the world, it is the United States, who used WMDs in wartime (two atomic bombs on Japan and Agent Orange, a carcinogenic defoliant, on our “enemy’s” food supply in Vietnam). We pretend to be reliable, but it is clear to me that we are not.

Vietnam was NOT a threat to anyone or anything in the United States (as their victory against both us AND Communist forces nearby clearly demonstrated).

And Iraq did NOT have WMDs OR in any way support terrorist activities before our illegal and unwarranted invasion of this modern (if not “democratic”) country. Now, if you think having the United States invade your country is NOT terrifying, you’re delusional. It has been our M.O. ever since the Monroe Doctrine to enforce our will on Third World countries through military aggression. It has become part of the “greatness” touted by both parties and a source of intense national pride, not unlike the Nazi pride of World War II.

Wake UP, America!! This isn’t rocket science. OK. Politicians tell you what you want to hear. I get it. You’re fed up. Me, too. But everyone else is lying too? C’mon. If you want a fair and valid democracy, you need to abolish the Electoral College and have a popular vote for President and Vice President. But that ensures the Democratic Party of a win. If you want to remain steadfastly loyal to a man that hears only what he wants to hear, at least look for something that actually makes sense when you add it together. Your ex-President didn’t prove Obama was a foreigner and should be put out of office. Your ex-President didn’t even try to lock Hillary up even though his convention demanded it. Your ex-President didn’t prove that Joe Biden was corrupt or unethical or foolish. All these things were rumor without any facts to back them up. And your ex-President lied to all of us about the Corona virus pandemic as well, making our country the worst-hit of all. I’m not saying that the Democrats are trustworthy. I’m saying that your sources of information aren’t accurate and are telling you what you want to hear despite massive evidence to the contrary.

Somehow, we must find sources of information that can be relied on. I’m not suggesting that this is the same sources that told us Vietnam was a threat to the American way of life. I’m not suggesting that these sources are the same sources that told us Kuwait was a poor, helpless victim of Iraqi aggression and oppression. I’m suggesting that we all need to dig deeper until we find reality for ourselves. And then we must defend what is real, whether or not it enhances our own self-esteem or our own political party.

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