I keep hoping this national passion for “greatness” will begin to re-focus their world-leading (by a massive margin), world record $648 billion warfare budget on something more useful and productive like saving the quality of the thin layer of protective and nurturing atmosphere we share with each other each day like birth control (if given leave by the Pope and his colleagues). I’m just hoping we can find a kinder, less destructive way to lessen the impact of human overpopulation on our small and interconnected world.

After all, the basic problem is that the top predator has been many times too successful and has put the balance of nature completely out-of-whack. Something will have to stop this runaway overproduction of human beings and voluntary but supported birth control seems a rather enticing alternative to starvation, genocide, and warfare. And if we can’t do it that way, there’s the possibility of worldwide nuclear warfare, which will (aside from the obliteration of all major cities and areas of military significance) leave several millennia of fast-tracked mutations that will make the Covid-19 pandemic seem insignificant.

At what point are we willing to accept the “equality” we so loudly proclaimed to the world in 1776? At what point do we concede our “superpower” status, our veto power in the United Nations, and our unique authority to decide which nations can have nuclear weapons and which nations are free to spread them across the oceans, seas, and continents of our fragile planet?

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