Land of the Credulous

I’ve been listening to the news and thinking about all the lies that most — or at least many — of us swallowed in the past — especially but not exclusively Republicans:

1) The entire “Cold War” (a hot war against Third World independence disguised as a battle with Communism) (we killed millions of Third World civilians in their own homes and villages during these wars)

2) The entire “War on Terror” (studies show 95% of suicide terrorism is CAUSED by our troops overseas) (again, the same war against Third World independence and again the same death and destruction without any of the goals being met.)

3) The Vietnam War (that supported wealthy Catholic Francophiles against the vast majority of poor Buddhist subsistence farmers in a “nation” carved out of a traditionally united Vietnam by NATO and not by the indigenous people)

4) The ongoing canard that wealthy Cuban exiles are the legitimate voice of the Cuban people

5) Trickle-down Economics (that flowed out of the country and into buying back company stock and buying foreign competitor stock instead)

6) Deregulation, defunding, and impeding US regulatory agencies by both Reagan and Trump which led to widespread abuses (ENron, Too Big To Fail, California’s bankruptcy, the prescription drug addiction problem, killing the Union movement, etc.) 

7) The canard that Reagan had nothing to do with Iran/Contra and the illegal support of violence against the legitimate democratic government of Nicaragua. (And the touting of both he and Trump as “great” leaders.)

8) The deliberate omission of all Kuwait’s transgressions against Iraq as well as the history of Kuwait as part of Iraq. (US was Kuwait’s chief customer buying black market oil taken from Iraq by slant-drilling hundreds of wells and Kuwait is now a US/English colony with 6 US military bases.)

9) The boldfaced lie that Iraq had WMDs and terrorists.  (Clarke, the primary US MidEast expert, contradicted Bush 43’s lies and was fired.)

10) The ongoing canard that the ACLU is an ultra-liberal organization.

11) The deliberate conflation and slandering of liberal, socialist, and communist ideologies and the accompanying studied ignorance of what the words actually mean while decrying the leadership of countries where murder and assassination decide its leaders.

12) The smearing of a complete nation by demonizing its despotic leadership (Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria, Libya, Cuba, etc.)

13) The widespread false belief that guns keep you safe. (statistics comparing New York and London fatalities clearly disprove it)

14) The widespread belief that violence and threats of violence are the keys to preserving democracy, creating security, and winning peace.  (thousands of nuclear weapons all over the world)(abrogating SALT II)(200,000 combatants in other countries) and a “defense” budget larger than the next 10 countries’ combined when our territory is secure and relatively unthreatened.)

I still don’t understand why NONE of the original Democratic Candidates cited cutting the war budget as a source of money to support universal health care.  If we can support 200,000 US troops infringing on the sovereignty of a bunch of other nations (including half of them in Germany, Japan, and South Korea, nations that are thriving), why can’t we support the same thing poor Cuba provides to each and every citizen and has for the last 50 years?

I think Trump, with his mental disorder (narcissism) merely stepped up the amount of lying and stepped down the subtlety behind it — and still 47% of us bought into his alternative “reality.” It wasn’t the first time.

©David Ney Dodson, Phoenix, AZ, January 2021

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